Product Description

Technical Specification:

1.    Dimension  : 54” (L) X 21”(W) X 54”(H)
2.    Strides  : 20 inch natural strides.
3.    Resistance System : Manual break system.
4.    Drive system : Centre design drive, super silent poly-V belt driven.
5.    Pedals  : Self balancing, close Spacing, enlarge & impact absorbing, fit to any size user, provides gentle movements to reduce lower body stress.
6.    Handle Bar  : T-Bar Style, adjustable to upright  with  Side Support.
7.    Transmission Sys. : Adjustable spin wheel fore-and-aft system.
8.    Centre of Gravity : Low COG combined with a balanced frame prevents rocking.
9.    User Weight  : 150 kgs.
10.    Transportation : Transportation wheel for easy transport.
11.    Accessory Holder : Water bottle holder.
12.    Rating  : Commercial.
13.    Step-up height : 12 inch easy step-up height.
14.    Frame Structure : Adopt fortified bicycle frame and durable axel, stronger, more stable and arched Support frame for maximum durability & stability.
15.    Frame Finishing : Proprietary two coat powder process.
16.    Rust proof  : All frame structures electro statically powder coated to ensure maximum corrosion and chip resistance.

Features :

Machine features design proven biomechanics and advanced structural engineering.
1.  Combination of Spin & Elliptical Cross Trainer. 
2.  Streamlined appearance, the user can feel more arbitrary during exercise.
3.  Without using power, safe reliable, energy saving, environmental protection.
4.  Reliable sweat-proof construction. 
5.  Front-drive and upright adjustable handle, long moving handle arms enable sustain, smooth and engaging exercise, regardless your fitness level.
6.  Enlarged and impact-absorbing pedals provide gentle movement to reduce lower back Stress.
7.  Low maintenance design delivers a fast return of investment.
8.  Rotating part adopts the high-quality bearing, durable in use and there is no noise while using.

Benefits :

•   Weight bearing form of exercise that helps to maintain bone density.  
•   Continuous elliptical motion creates a low impact workout.  
•   Spin Elliptical motion is similar to walking and is thus easy to learn and sustain.  
•   Handles encourage users to work upper body muscles providing a total body workout. 
•   Spin Elliptical cross trainers offer one of the best forms of cardiovascular training.

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